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Webscan 2D USB Wide Angle Imager


The most complete handheld ISO/ANSI bar code verifier for small Linear/2D bar codes from Webscan

The 2D USB Imager series software is GS1 certificated for both Linear and 2D bar codes through a connnection to a PC via a USB port. No special training or experience is required, it is a simple as placing the bar code verifier over the bar code and pushing a button.

This item cannot be ordered online. Please call to speak to a sales representative for purchasing options.

SKU: WEB-2D-USB-40X30.

Product Description


  • Simple image/bar code capture
  • Automatic bar code inspection of multiple bar codes at one time
  • Automated inspection
  • Extensive troubleshooting which enables you to optimize printing
  • Full Pharmaceutical reporting and IQ/OQ audit trail conformance (optional)
  • Dimensional measurement reporting
  • Supports network database storage
  • Requires customer supplied PC computer

The 2D USB Imager series inspects all of the ISO/ANSI parameters in complaince with ISO 15416 (linear), and ISO 15415 (2D). More detailed analysis of the bar code is available with a few clicks of the mouse.

The analysis will be color coded to show exactly where the problem is within the bar code. Sections of the bar code can be analyzed to better determine how to solve the problem.

The 2D imager technology allows for detailed analysis of the bar code and makes reading of small and truncated codes possible, accurate, and very easy. Accuracy and repeatability are paramount in bar code verification. The 2D USB Imager series is the most accurate verifier on the market today with the highest degree of repeatability. This occurs because the operator is not involved in the scanning process. No wand to hold or move, no angle to maintain, and no buttons to push that can affect the overall grade results.

2D USB Imager Series Model Description

  • 2D USB Imager Standard – Field of view 1.10″ x 0.71″ (28mm x 18mm) minimum X dim of 5 mil (2D) and 7.5 mil (1D)
  • 2D USB Wide Angle Imager – Field of view 1.57″ x 1.18″ (40mm x 30mm) minimum X dim of 5 mil (2D) and 7.5 mil (1D)
  • 2D USB DPM Imager – Field of view 1.34″ x 1.00″ (34mm x 25.5mm) minimum X dim of 6 mil (2D) and 6 mil (1D)
  • 2D USB UV Imager – Field of view 0.67″ x 0.49 (17mm x 12.5mm) minimum X dim of 5.0 mil (2D) and 7.5 mil (1D)

The 2D USB Imager Bar Code Station is the most reliable system on the market. There are no moving parts to wear out, no laser to burn out. The entire system is NIST traceable utilizing the optional GS1 calibration standard. Four different application specific options are available to handle everything from normal to invisible UV printed to direct part marking (DPM) bar codes.

This truly unique and powerful instrument is also easy to use. All the popular linear and 2D symbologies are supported.

A detailed hard copy printout can be produced using any standard Windows printer

The 2D USB Imager series meets the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) “Bar Code Print Quality Test Specification (ISO 15416 and 15415) and the American National Standard Institute’s “Guideline for Bar Code Quality’ (ANSI X3.182-1990). The 2D USB Imager is in complinace with MIL-STD 130 (L through N), ISO 16022, ISO 18004, ISO 16023, ISO 24778, AIQG AS9132, and AIM DPM (only 45Q). It also meets International Organization for Standardization’s “Bar Code Verifier Conformance Specification” (ISO 15426-1 and ISO 15426-2).

This equipment and its documentation were developed to fit into your company’s existing ISO 9000/9001/9002 policies and procedures.

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