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Bar Code Symbology Types
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: 1) Linear Bar Code Symbologies 2) Two Dimensional Bar Code Symbologies 3) Postal Bar Code Symbologies (1 page)

Bar Code Symbology Chart
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: 1) Image of all common linear symbologies 2) Data encode characters (1 page)

Bar Code Terminology and Definitions
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: Exhaustive list of term and definitions – over 115 terms (7 pages)

Bar Code Printing Orientation Reference
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: 1) Picket Fence Orientation 2) Ladder Orientation (1 page)

Bar Code Image Bar Width Reduction Reference (Covers Offset, Litho, Silkscreen, Flexo, and Corrugated)
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: 1) Narrow Bar Width 2) Print Tolerance 3) Bar Width Reduction (1 page)

Standard Product Identification and Bar Codes: The Cornerstones of EFR
Document Source: Efficient Foodservice Response
Contents: 1) EFR Sponsors 2) About Efficient Foodservice Response 3) Executive Summary 4) Acknowledgements 5) About the EFR Supply Chain Demand Forecasting Committee 6) Necessary Points of Clarification 7) Standard Product Identification 8) Bar Codes 9) How Do I Begin? What Are the Next Steps? 10) Reference Materials 11) Application Identifiers 11) Glossary of Terms (57 pages)



Why Verifier Bar Codes
Document Source: AIM Global
Contents: 1) What is Verification 2) Industry Standards 3) Bar Code Verifiers 4) Scanning versus Verifying 5) Implementing a Bar Code Program 6) When to Verify Bar Codes 7) Reference Documents (7 pages)

Bar Code Verification for Linear Symbols
Document Source: GS1 (formally Uniform Code Council)
Contents: 1) Introduction 2) What is verification for? 3) Verification Techniques and History 4) What Verification Does and Its Limitations 5) When to Verify 6) How to Use a Verifier 7) Scan Reflectance Profile Analysis 8) Interpreting the Results 9) Potential Causes of Less-than-perfect Grades 10) Using Traditional Measurements as Part of Quality 11) Considerations For GS1 System Symbologies (72 pages)

What is Bar Code Verification?
Document Source: Axicon
Contents: 1) Quality Control for Bar Codes 2) Why Verify? 3) Why Can’t I Just Use a Scanner? 4) Why was the ISO/CEN/ANSI Method Introduced 5) What is Checked/What is Not Checked? 6) Case Study: What Are the Common Problems with On-demand Printers? 7) Managing Quality (4 pages)

Is Bar Code Quality the Weak Link in Your Supply Chain?
Document Source: GS1 (formally Uniform Code Council)
Contents: Simple descriptions of how poor quality bar codes create bottlenecks in the supply chain and the findings on how the six major bar code verifier manufacturers compare to the ISO15426-1 standard (2 pages)

Verification – Easy as A, B, C…
Document Source: Hand Held Products
Contents: 1) Many Terms 2) Why Verify 3) What to Verify 4) Equipment Based Verification Methodologies 5) What Are Traditional Quality Parameters? 6) What Are ANSI/CEN/ISO Quality Parameters? 7) Test Card for ANSI/CEN/ISO Verifiers (35 pages)



ANSI X3.182 – Layman’s Guide to ANSI X3.182
Document Source AIM Global Download
Contents: 1) Introduction 2) Aperture and Wavelength 3) Scan Reflectance Profile 4) Scan Grade 5) Overall Symbol Grade 6) Numeric Conversion 7) Significance of Grade Level (20 pages)

ANSI X3.182 – Standard Practice for Bar Code Verification
Document Source American National Standards Institute Download
Contents: 1) Scope and Purpose 2) Normative References 3) Definitions 4) Measurement Methodologies 5) Requirements 6) Alternative Measurements 7) Additional Factors Affecting Print Quality (29 pages)

ISO 15426-1 Bar code verifier conformance specification, Part 1: Linear symbols
Document Source International Organization for Standardization Download
Contents: 1) Foreword 2) Introduction 3) Scope 4) Conformance 5) Normative References 6) Terms and Definitions 7) Symbols and Abbreviations 8) Functional Requirements 9) General Requirements 10) Reflectance Calibration 11) Mandatory Functions 12) Optional Functions 13) General Constructional and Operational Requirements 14) Test Requirements 15) Certification and Labeling 16) Equipment Specifications (14 pages)

ISO 15416-1 Bar code print quality test specification, Part 1: Linear symbols
Document Source International Organization for Standardization Download
Contents: 1) Foreword 2) Introduction 3) Scope 4) Normative References 5) Terms and Definitions 6) Symbols and Abbreviations 7) Measurement Methodology 8) Symbol Grading 9) Substrate Characteristics (48 pages)


Printing Tips

Evaluation on Effects of Gloss and Bar Code Scanning
Document Source: FLEXcon Download
Contents: 1) Materials Selection 2) Label Printing 3) Barcode Verification 4) Test Results 5) Conclusion (2 pages)

Quality Assurance Steps for Preventing Label Printing Problems
Document Source: Zebra Technologies Download
Contents: 1) Introduction 2) Bar Code Quality and Compliance Labeling 3) Thermal Printing Technology 4) Preventing, Detecting & Correcting Problems 5) Quality Assurance and Preventive Maintenance 6) Resources (12 pages)


White Papers

Implementation Guide for the Use of Bar Code Technology in Healthcare
Document Source: Health Industry Business Communications Council
Contents: 1) Preface 2) Introduction 3) The Basics 4) Keys to Successful Implementation 5) Industry Standards 6) Clinical Applications 7) Non-Clinical Applications 8) Cost Justification for Clinical Systems 9) Guidelines for Bar Code Equipment and Supplies (72 pages)

Verification Key to Success of Ink Jet Trails   (NOTE: Inkjet_Case_Study.pdf exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.)
Document Source: Axicon
Contents: Case study that examines the common problem of inkjet printing on corrugated materials and how bar code verification enabled the optimum configuration of the printing equipment (3 pages)


QC Sample Docs

Checklist for Developing a Corporate Bar Code Quality Policy
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: A simple checklist of items that should be added to ISO and GMP certified companies. (1 page)

Sample Bar Code Quality Log
Document Source: Auto ID Solutions
Contents: Sample Bar Code Inspection Log. (2 pages)


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