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SV Configurator Software Kit for the Printronix SV100 and SV200 Bar Code Verifiers


SV Configurator is a software tool that provides a simple method for setting up and configuring your SV series bar code verifier.

SV Configurator is a software application that allows for configuration of the Printronix/RJS SV series bar code verifiers.  The software application for customers using a Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (ScanVision will only function on Windows XP computers). Printronix/RJS SV series bar code verifiers run 24/7 on production lines world-wide. These unit are excellent tools for inspecting bar code quality real-time and to ensure 100% of the labels meet ISO standards. Please contact our sales rep at the number above to order this item.

NOTE: THIS ITEM IS ONLY SOLD WITH COMPLETE SV100 SYSTEMS. Please call if you would like to add the software to your order.

This item cannot be ordered online. Please call to speak to a sales representative for purchasing options.

SKU: PTX-SV-Software-Config.

Product Description


  • Simple user interface
  • Real-time Display of:
    • Overall Bar Code Grade
    • Bar Code Data
    • ISO Parameters
    • Traditional Parameters
    • Bar Growth
  • Ability to Scroll Through Results for Last 25 Bar Codes
  • Configuration Screens:
    • SV Mounting Position Adjustment
    • Bar and Space Dimensional Measurements
    • Terminal Mode (for sending commands to SV)
    • Reflectance Profile
  • SV Clone Screen:
    • Quickly program multiple SV units using saved settings
    • Identify which settings are different between multiple SV units
  • Save and Open .SES files for remote troubleshooting

Compatible Verifiers (not included)

  • SV100 – Scanner/Verifier for General Applications
  • SV100HD – Scanner/Verifier for High Density Bar Code Symbol Applications
  • SV100C – Scanner/Verifier for Corrugated Applications
  • SV200-1 – Scanner/Verifier for Higher Speed Applications
  • SV200-2 – Scanner/Verifier for Higher Speed, High Density Bar Code Symbol Applications


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