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SV Configurator Software Kit for the Printronix SV100 and SV200 Bar Code Verifiers


SV Configurator is a software tool that provides a simple method for setting up and configuring your SV series bar code verifier.

SV Configurator is a software application that allows for configuration of the Printronix/RJS SV series bar code verifiers.  The software application for customers using a Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (ScanVision will only function on Windows XP computers). Printronix/RJS SV series bar code verifiers run 24/7 on production lines world-wide. These unit are excellent tools for inspecting bar code quality real-time and to ensure 100% of the labels meet ISO standards. Please contact our sales rep at the number above to order this item.

NOTE: THIS ITEM IS ONLY SOLD WITH COMPLETE SV100 SYSTEMS. Please call if you would like to add the software to your order.

SKU: PTX-SV-Software-Config.

Product Description


  • Simple user interface
  • Real-time Display of:
    • Overall Bar Code Grade
    • Bar Code Data
    • ISO Parameters
    • Traditional Parameters
    • Bar Growth
  • Ability to Scroll Through Results for Last 25 Bar Codes
  • Configuration Screens:
    • SV Mounting Position Adjustment
    • Bar and Space Dimensional Measurements
    • Terminal Mode (for sending commands to SV)
    • Reflectance Profile
  • SV Clone Screen:
    • Quickly program multiple SV units using saved settings
    • Identify which settings are different between multiple SV units
  • Save and Open .SES files for remote troubleshooting

Compatible Verifiers (not included)

  • SV100 – Scanner/Verifier for General Applications
  • SV100HD – Scanner/Verifier for High Density Bar Code Symbol Applications
  • SV100C – Scanner/Verifier for Corrugated Applications
  • SV200-1 – Scanner/Verifier for Higher Speed Applications
  • SV200-2 – Scanner/Verifier for Higher Speed, High Density Bar Code Symbol Applications


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Windows Printer, Windows Software

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