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Corporate Values


Our mission is to establish Auto ID Solutions as the preeminent leader in the auto identification industry, while supporting the community in which we do business.

We are Committed to Grow our customers business through Action and Innovation.


  • To improve lives by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of product handling.
  • To make a fair profit that allows us to reach our customers’ goals.


We realize that employees are our greatest assets and we must challenge and grow our employees’ careers. We will only hire people who are the absolute brightest and most talented. It will be better for the existing staff to bear the burden, rather than hire someone that does not meet our standards.

Customers are the reason for our success. Our products and services must be the best in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

We recognize that profitability is necessary to continue in business, reach our full potential, and fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders. We expect profits but our commitments to co-workers and customers come before short-term profits.

We will treat our suppliers as valuable partners in all our activities.

We will share part of our energy and resources to meet the needs of our community.

Ethics Statement

Each of our employees is responsible for both the integrity and the consequences of his or her own actions. The highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness must be followed by each and every employee when engaging in any activity concerning the company, particularly in relationships with customers, competitors, vendors, the public, and other employees.


  • We should treat those with whom we deal as we ourselves wish to be treated
  • We enable our company to grow by involving employees at all levels in company planning.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of Integrity and Ethics; Trust and Honesty is the cornerstone of our success.
  • We employ two unique principles;
    1. All departments treat other departments as customers.
    2. When managing projects, we take it a step further, and treat all team members as volunteers.
  • We realize that employees are our greatest assets, we must challenge and grow our employees’ careers.
  • We will operate on the offensive and never be satisfied with our accomplishments
  • We will establish a reputation in excellence with every business relationship. Our relationships with customers will come before profits.
  • Our corporate philosophy will provide a guide for all we do. To succeed we will ingrain our philosophy in all of our employees. When our vendors and customers think of us, our philosophy will come to mind.