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Bar Code Verification Equipment
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Zebra Xi3 Alternate Kit


Connect the Printronix SV100 or SV200 to your Zebra Xi3/XiIII Printer for 100% Bar Code Label Compliance Testing

The SV100/200 series of by Printronix provides on-line ISO/ANSI method verification of linear bar codes on Zebra printers. The kits do NOT include the SV100/SV200 or the mounting stand, these parts must be ordered separately.

SKU: PTX-SV-Interface-ZebXi3-Alt.

Product Description

Zebra Xi3/XiIII Alternate kit includes:

  • Zebra Printer Interface PCB (P/N ZEB-8561265-1)
  • Verifier to Printer Interface Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Installation Instructions

NOTE: Requires firmware upgrade OR the printer will pause between labels

The Zebra Xi3/XiIII Alternate kit does NOT include the following:

  • SV Series bar code verifier
  • Mounting Stand
  • Light Stack Indicator
  • Communication Cable

Additional Information

Product Type:

Bar Code Verifier Accessory




$0 – $1999