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Skyhook Stand for Mounting Printronix SV100 and SV200 Bar Code Verifiers to Thermal Transfer Printers


The Skyhook Stand for Mounting Printronix SV100 and SV200 Bar Code Verifiers  to Thermal Transfer Printers is a universal mounting stand.  It will work on any thermal transfer printer that has a large enough side to attached the mounting plate.  The Skyhook stand will ONLY work with picket fence orientation bar codes (bars running the same direction as the labels exit the printer).  For bar codes printed in the ladder orientation (bars running the perpendicular to the direction the labels exit the printer) the Standard Stand should be used.

This item cannot be ordered online. Please call to speak to a sales representative for purchasing options.

SKU: PTX-SV-Mount-SkyHook.

Product Description

The Skyhook stand includes:

  • SkyHook Plate
  • SkyHook Tube
  • Mounting Knobs (2)
  • Cleaning pad

The SkyHook plate is provided with velco to attach to the side of a thermal transfer printer, however it is recommended that bolts (not included) are added once correct positioning is established.  Failing to bolt the SkyHook plate can result in the unit dislodging from the printer and causing damage to the Printronix SV100 and SV200 bar code verifiers.

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