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Webscan TruCheck Laser Presentation with 6mil Aperture


Webscan TruCheck Laser Presentation with 6mil Aperture

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SKU: WEB-Laser-Present-6mil.

Product Description

Accurate and Repeatable Measurements.

The TruCheck Laser USB’s unique scanning head features a moving laser that automatically scans from top-to-bottom on a bar code. The system takes the 10 individual scans to instantly generate the overall ISO grade of the bar code.

The moving laser removes all the influence of a human operator as the scan angle and distance are fixed to ensure accurate, repeatable results. The scanning head is contained in a compact, sturdy housing and attaches to your PC via a USB cable for incredible flexibility. The TruCheck Laser USB can easily be taken into a warehouse, or any manufacturing location. A guide plate makes it fast and easy to position over a bar code.

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