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E-Code Electronic EPS Bar Code Ordering Service

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Auto ID Solutions has developed the most complete and yet simple template based E-code (electronic bar code ordering) system.

AIS_ecode_ftAuto ID Solutions applied it’s extensive knowledge of bar code quality standards to develop a new streamlined ordering and delivery system for E-codes (electronic bar code files). Make the switch to a service bureau that provides 24/7 100% up time guarantee and lightning fast ordering process

Premium E-code Ordering


  • Simple template based order system, fastest ordering anywhere
  • Low pricing! Ability to group partner companies together to achieve higher quantity discounts
  • Order 24 hours per day/7 days per week – Guaranteed
  • Instant delivery (delivery options – Email, Web download, Auto ID FTP, Your FTP)
  • Three user levels to control staff permissions (Administrator, Manager, Basic) – unlimited number of users
  • Duplicate past orders, download past invoices, search for past orders
  • Free phone/email bar code knowledge, training, support
  • Optional – Phone, Email ordering