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RJS VCIR Report Software Kit for RJS Bar Code Verifiers (USB)


VCIR Inspector Series PC Interface Software Kit, USB (includes software, cable, USB-to-serial adapter, software activation code for one PC)

Mfg. Part #: 002-6520

Product Description

Using the built-in printing functionality of hand-held bar code verifiers, this product transfers the quality report to a RJS Windows software application. A time and date stamp is immediately applied to track product quality over time. The report can be saved to a local or network location and later retrieved to reprint reports. Reports may be printed to any standard Windows printer. On the screen the inspection report or the scan reflectnace profile (SRP) can be viewed. When a job is saved an Excel CSV spreadsheet is created that includes multiple bar code verification results on a single report. Once the report is exported to Excel it is easy to create charts and evaluate trends in bar code print quality trends.



  • Simple user interface
  • View and print scan reflectance profiles (SRP) for detail bar code troublshooting
  • Maintain bar code inspection report database (with time and date stamps)
  • Create custom reports for each job
  • Print reports on any standard Windows printer
  • Transfer inspection results into Customer Management or Quality Control software applications

Compatible Verifiers

  • RJS Laser Inspector 1000
  • RJS Inspector 2000
  • RJS Inspector 3000
  • RJS Inspector 4000
  • RJS Inspector D4000 (Combo, Laser Gun, or Auto Optic)
  • RJS Inspector 5000 (Laser Gun or Auto Optic)

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