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Borrow a Primary Conformance Test Card

Save yourself from a customer complaint by testing your unit to ensure accurate results

Verifier_testcard_mdIn response to an alarming rate of out-of-tolerance bar code verifiers arriving for annual calibration service, Auto ID Solutions implemented a policy aimed helping companies determine the correct interval for recertification and calibration of their bar code verifiers.

During 2005, 76% of the bar code verifiers sent in for annual service were out of tolerance, most were reporting lower grades than they should but 8% reported better grades. Neither is good. If a bar code verifier is overly critical this means that printers are producing extra scrap at a time when raw materials are more expensive than ever. Conversely, if the verifier gives passing grades when it should not, companies are exposed to receiving huge fines or penalties.

All units are compared against calibrated NIST traceable testing standards following the ANSI X3.182 and ISO15416-1 methodologies. Each unit is returned with an ISO15426-1 Accuracy Report, showing which ISO/ANSI parameters were out-of-tolerance and by how much.

Prefer us to them tested for you?

We also offer free verifier accuracy testing.


  Sample Verifier Accuracy Test Report


$10.00 shipping fee only.  Please give us a call to discus this service.