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Hand Held Products (Honeywell formally PSC or HHP) Quick Check 200 Series


Hand Held Products (Honeywell formally PSC or HHP) Quick Check 200 Series Bar Code Verifier RETIREMENT NOTICESee our Refurbished page for Quick Check 200 bar code verifiers

The Quick Check 200 series is the lowest price verifier from Hand Held Products (Honeywell)

The Quick Check 200 Series is the lowest price ISO/ANSI method verifier from Hand Held Products. It provides full traditional and ISO/ANSI analysis, reflectance, and format tests. These models perform quick pass/fail tests or use more powerful measuring tools for highly detailed analysis. Repeatability between units is outstanding, making the Quick Check 200 series a good entry level ISO/ANSI method verifier.

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SKU: HHP-QC200-Body.

Product Description


  • Traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • Follows the ISO15416 and ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Inspection Method
  • Conforms to ISO15426-1 Bar Code Verifier Specification
  • Auto-discriminates between all popular symbologies
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Multiple scan averaging
  • Traditional analysis also provided
  • Program ‘Test Bar Code Specifications’ by simply scanning a command code

Quick Check are easy to use, yet packed with high performance features that utilize the most sophisticated test methods. All the popular linear symbologies are supported. AutoPrint/Store capability, multiple scan averaging and sub-symbology choices are easily accessed through a three-button user interface. Analysis information appears immediately on a 1 line by 12-character alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD). A distinct audible tone and a series of five colored LED’s indicate whether a bar code is in or out of specification.

To accommodate varying label densities, choose from 5, 6 and 10 mil sizes.

The Quick Check 200 series meets the International Organization for Standardization’s “Bar Code Print Quality Test Specification (ISO 15416), the American National Standard Institute’s “Guideline for Bar Code Quality’ (ANSI X3.182-1990), the Uniform Code Council (UCC), and the CEN specifications regarding verification methods and methodology. It also meets International Organization for Standardization’s “Bar Code Verifier Conformance Specification” (ISO 15426-1).

This equipment and its documentation were developed to fit into your company’s existing ISO 9000/9001/9002 policies and procedures.

Additional information

Product Type:


, ,




Code Width:

Less than 1.0 in width, Less than 1.5 in width, Less than 2.5 in width, Less than 2.0 in width, Less than 3.0 in width, Less than 4.0 in width, Less than 4.5 in width, Less than 5.0 in width, Less than 6.0 in width, Greater than 7.5 in width

Code Height:

Less than 0.5 in tall, Less than 1.0 in tall, Less than 1.5 in tall, Less than 2.5 in tall, Greater than 2.5 in, Less than 2.0 in tall, Less than 0.25 in tall, Less than 0.125 in tall

Capt. Method:


Calib. Plaque:



Every 12 Months

Capture Area:

Single Scan Line




660nm (Red)

Bar Code Type:

Scanner Type:

Aperture Sizes:

5 mils, 6 mils, 10 mils


Industry App:



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