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Webscan TruCheck Laser Presentation with 6mil Aperture


Webscan TruCheck Laser Presentation with 6mil Aperture

SKU: WEB-Laser-Present-6mil.

Product Description

Accurate and Repeatable Measurements.

The TruCheck Laser USB’s unique scanning head features a moving laser that automatically scans from top-to-bottom on a bar code. The system takes the 10 individual scans to instantly generate the overall ISO grade of the bar code.

The moving laser removes all the influence of a human operator as the scan angle and distance are fixed to ensure accurate, repeatable results. The scanning head is contained in a compact, sturdy housing and attaches to your PC via a USB cable for incredible flexibility. The TruCheck Laser USB can easily be taken into a warehouse, or any manufacturing location. A guide plate makes it fast and easy to position over a bar code.

Additional information

Product Type:




Code Width:

Less than 1.0 in width, Less than 1.5 in width, Less than 2.5 in width, Less than 2.0 in width, Less than 3.0 in width, Less than 4.0 in width

Code Height:

Less than 1.0 in tall, Less than 1.5 in tall, Less than 2.5 in tall, Greater than 2.5 in, Less than 2.0 in tall

Capt. Method:


Capture Area:

Single Scan Line



660nm (Red)

Bar Code Type:

Scanner Type:

Operating System:

, , ,


Aperture Sizes:

6 mils

Industry App:



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